ACT to Empower Workshops

Self-discovery through writing


Today’s youth is faced with overwhelming emphasis on social media and digital communication. It is more essential than ever that we provide the scaffolding and guidance to enable teens to disconnect from this external overstimulation and, in turn, authentically reflect upon their inner self.

ACT to Empower: ACT to Empower is a Mill Valley based experiential workshop that combines creative practice with Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). The program’s unique structure weaves artistic expression into the therapeutic process. The intention of this group is to leave members with a newfound understanding of themselves as well as the confidence to make choices that will honor their values.

ACT To Empower will be co-facilitated by Jaymie Oppenheim, Sasha Albani and Sarah Albani. Jaymie Oppenheim and Sasha Albani are trained clinicians who specialize in treating adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety and depression. They have teamed up with Sarah Albani, a professional fine artist and writer, to design a dynamic program that will foster positive growth, connection and self-understanding.

Workshop #1: Reflect, write, and share. Our first workshop will focus on creative writing as a practice of presence, acceptance and empowerment. ACT principles will be taught and used to encourage participants to identify their inner emotions and accept the hardships and struggles they may be facing. This reflective process will be deepened through writing, as individuals will learn to practice honest expression and to develop creative confidence in a space of therapeutic support and collaboration.

Details and Information: Each group is limited to 8 participants and will run multiple times over the course of the summer. We will be offering a group for middle school girls and one for high school girls. Each session will meet for 5 consecutive days (Mon – Fri) for 2 hours at a time. Sessions will take place in our Mill Valley location (25 Evergreen Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941). Session #1 will be Monday June 25th-Friday June 29th.

COST - $700 per session (we will leave space for 2 sliding scale participants as-needed)

Please contact Sasha Albani, MFT for enrollment information.

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